Who is a dispatcher?

A dispatcher is a member of an organization’s communications department who is in charge of receiving and transferring information.  As a general rule, the dispatcher coordinates operations between truck drivers and stakeholders regarding the delivery of goods. Using the transport management system, the dispatcher also monitors and optimizes the movement of goods.

If you're looking for a dispatching service, be sure you've chosen the proper one. Dispatching services come in a variety of sizes and scopes, from large to tiny, comprehensive to bare-bones, and each company will have its own expertise.
You don't have to go insane if you're unsure about which services are best for your business! You can choose one that suits you by asking yourself a few essential questions ahead of time.

1. Are you in need of a dispatching service?

The first and most obvious thing to ask yourself before using a dispatching service is if you actually need one. Examine your organization to see if any of the following areas have been difficult:


  • Searching for loads.
  • The management of drivers.
  • Maintaining compliance with motor carrier regulations.
  • Organizing paperwork.
  • Assuring customer satisfaction.
  • Dealing with delays.

You may wish to consider hiring a dispatcher if you’ve had difficulty with any of these elements. All of these issues can be solved using dispatching services, and they could be an excellent resource for you in particular.

Anyone making the transition to owner-operators might also find dispatching services useful. Wait before you commit to a dispatching service if you are not experiencing any of these obstacles right now or are transitioning to owner-operator. It’s a good idea to hire a dispatching service only when you need their services or expect to need them soon, as hiring one will add extra fees and expectations to your day-to-day workload.

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2. How well does your dispatching service fulfil your requirements?

Dispatching services can offer assistance with a few of the key issues listed above, but it is unlikely that they will offer all of them at once. Choose which needs you need to be met versus which you’d like met first and then prioritize them accordingly.

Having someone to assist with paperwork and searching for loads is your priority, even if you are eager to get help. Then, you can decide which dispatching service will be the most beneficial for you once you’ve sorted through these priorities. Find out what specific services the dispatching services that you are considering can offer to ensure that you have chosen a company that can meet the most significant requirements on your list.

3. What is the reputation of the service?

Dispatching services with good reputations are in high demand. To identify a service with a proven track record of quality work, ask around among your peers and other trucking professionals. When dealing with emergencies or high-pressure situations, finding services with a proven track record can be particularly useful. Make sure you are able to get references before you decide to work with a service that does not have any reviews or testimonials online.

4. What is the experience level of this dispatching service?

It is also important to understand the reputation of a dispatching service. How long has the service you’re looking at been in business as opposed to how new are they? Service providers with experience may have first-hand knowledge of how to handle difficult situations, as well as valuable connections in the field.

Experience doesn’t matter much when it comes to choosing a dispatching service – a newer service may offer greater flexibility or be more affordable, for example- but it’s worth considering nonetheless.

5. Does the service make it easy to communicate?

It’s important to remember that dispatching services are intended to help your firm communicate more effectively. You should expect a service to reply swiftly and be easy to deal with as you learn more about it. A service that fails to communicate effectively in the early phases will struggle to communicate later on.

However, strong communication during the early stages will be beneficial in the long run. Having a dispatcher that you can rely on from the beginning is a must, and it should be no surprise that they’re accessible from the very beginning.

6. Are there any potential extra costs? Do you know about it?

If you’re considering signing up for a dispatching service, be sure to check the details carefully. There may be a set of standard fees for a particular service, but that does not mean that all services have those same fees! A dispatcher may charge according to the amount of the load, the number of loads per week, or a percentage (often between 5% – 10%) of the payment.

Dispatchers sometimes request fast payments, which can complicate your finances instead of make them easier, depending on your situation. If you choose to use a dispatching service, be sure to check their payment methods and ensure you like the way their method works with your company’s style.

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