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Value Logistics was founded with a simple yet powerful vision: to redefine logistics by putting our customers' needs first. What started as a small venture has now grown into a reputable company serving businesses of all sizes across various industries. We've earned the trust of our clients through consistent, high-quality service and a commitment to excellence in everything we do.

Punctuality, ethical behavior, and strong business ethics are our top priorities at Value Logistics. In our carrier selection process, we prioritize reputable partners located nearby, optimal routes, and a commitment to professionalism. We directly engage with customers to ensure carriers receive timely payments without the need to chase invoices. We value our carriers' work and compensate them directly, regardless of when customers settle their payments.

We pay close attention to the satisfaction of both parties involved. At Value Logistics, we aim to create mutual contentment by securing beneficial deals and ensuring smooth transportation routes for carriers. By "smooth routes," we mean routes that meet the carrier's requirements, regional considerations, and workload preferences. This approach reflects the characteristics of a discerning logistics company, which Value Logistics fully embraces.

For our valued customers, we provide expert guidance on selecting the right freight for transportation. With the wide range of truck types and cargo variations available, it's common for customers to feel overwhelmed. In such cases, Value Logistics offers knowledgeable guidance. Customers provide details about their cargo, and we advise them on the most suitable carrier type. Our commitment extends beyond words; we actively pursue advantageous deals on behalf of our clients. We aim to maximize cost savings through careful negotiation and resourceful exploration, enabling customers to achieve significant profits.

Our dedication to delivering exceptional service within agreed timelines sets us apart. However, we don't stop at promises. Value Logistics goes the extra mile by identifying hidden opportunities and using them to benefit our clients. By prioritizing cost-effectiveness and value enhancement, we ensure that customers receive a superior service proposition. At the same time, we create an environment where carriers can thrive, facilitating a mutually beneficial relationship for growth and prosperity.

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Our Mission

Fast Service

In today's fast-paced world, "Value Logistics" prioritizes swift delivery of various goods across diverse routes. We streamline seamless business transactions and services by enhancing accessibility, allowing local carriers to expand their reach and capabilities.

Safe Delivery

Rest assured, your valuable goods are in the capable hands of "Value Logistics." We take care of every aspect of the deal, regardless of the dimensions involved, ensuring the safety and security of your goods through our trusted logistics partners.

24/7 Support

At Value Logistics, we operate around the clock, constantly surveilling your precious belongings. With commendable outsourced support, we relieve our customers from any logistical worries, always providing peace of mind.

We're ready to be your valuable business ally, supporting your rapid growth.

Note! Value Logistics Inc never use Personal E-mail account for booking load. We always use our domain which is @valueloads.com. WE DO NOT USE GMAIL OR ANY OTHER FREE PUBLIC DOMAIN (like gmail.com, yahoo.com, Hotmail.com, live.com etc.) for our business communication. If you have received any call and/or email that looks suspicious, immediately report it to us at vl@valueloads.com or call us at (678)-503-7708/(678)-487-5508 or Fax at (678)-666-3088. Do not haul any load without rate confirmation. Value Logistics Inc is not and will not be responsible for loads booked / moved without our consent.