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Land Transport

We have a varied range of carriers that we hire for you. All these carriers are very trustworthy, experienced and devoted drivers.

Ask us to deliver anywhere on the land and we are on it. Trucks come in different shapes and sizes and we pick you up the best one i.e. the one that suits the kind of freight you have and the kind care it will be in the need of. We also have services like PTL, FTL, and LTL so that we can provide the best land freight services in this era.

Full Truckload Shipping

One of the most cost-effective options for transporting cargos while there is enough cargo to fill an entire trailer is Full Truckload Shipping. The ideal size for FTL shipments is greater than 5,000 to 10,000 lbs. Full Truckload Shipping can also be considered for the goods that require flatbeds or climate control shipping. Unpackaged items, bulk shipments and break-bulk shipments can also be considered for full truckload transportation.

Less Than Truckloads Shipment

You require Less Than truckloads shipment when your freight is not suitable for semi-trucks and also is too large to be considered as a parcel. This is a kind of freight that does not require the entire truck but only a portion of the truck. Freight shipments that weigh from 150 lbs to 10,000 pounds are typically suited for less than truckloads shipment.

Intermodal Freight Transport

Intermodal freight transport is using multiple modes of transportation (e.g., rail, ship, or truck) to transfer the goods from shipper consignee. This method allows freight to be transported faster, improves security and reduces damage and loss cargo handling is reduced to a minimum in this process. About 24 to 26 Million containers are moved by intermodal shipping each year.

Drop Trailer

A Drop trailer is a truck trailer that is dropped at the location for some amount of time for a later pickup. It is dropped at the locations because of the large shipping volume. This method is really efficient for all the parties involved in moving freight. The involved parties are shippers, consignees and carriers.

Refrigerated Shipping Services

Refrigerated shipping services are used to transport the temperature sensitive goods to its destination. A refrigerated container or reefer is used as a shipping container for such type of temperature sensitive cargo. These refrigerated containers are capable of controlling the temperature from -65 °C to 40°C.

Open Deck Trucks

Open deck trucks have an open deck body that is flat, roofless and without any sides. Generally on regular terms, open deck trucks transport loads with a weight of 45, 000 pounds or 20.4 tons. However, there is specialized trucks or equipment which can transport even heavier loads like step-decks are capable of transporting 48,000 pounds or 21.7 tons.

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