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Value Logistics represents a significant milestone in the history of leading organizations. Our primary goal is ensuring client satisfaction, which drives our growth. Whether you're a shipper or carrier, we offer attractive business opportunities. Need shipping or carrier services? We're here with valuable deals to serve you. As a cutting-edge third-party logistics company, we cater to the evolving needs of organizations. Value Logistics is your trusted partner and reliable service provider across regions, specializing in motor vehicle freight logistics. Look no further for logistics services; we're the top brokers in today's industry for a reason.




Company Information

  • MC : 1013935-B
  • USDOT Number : 3232856
  • Federal ID : 83-2979942
  • SCAC Code : AOVJ
  • Blue Book: 355746
  • SOS Control # 18151953

Insurance Details

  • Commercial General Liability : $ 2,000,000 – Aggregate
  • Cargo Coverage Liability : $2,50,000 – Occurrence
  • Contingent Auto Liability : $1,000,000 – Aggregate
  • Errors & Omissions : $300,000 – Aggregate
  • Policy Expiration Date : 03/25/2022


Truckstop Rating

  • Days to Pay : 5
  • Experience Factor : A

DAT Rating

  • Days to Pay : 5
  • Experience Factor : A

Ansonia Rating

  • Days to Pay : 5
  • Experience Factor : A

Transcredit Rating

  • Days to Pay : 5
  • Experience Factor : A


Shipper Packet Content

Operation Authority

Certificate Of Liability Insurance

W9 Form

Note! Value Logistics Inc never use Personal E-mail account for booking load. We always use our domain which is @valueloads.com. WE DO NOT USE GMAIL OR ANY OTHER FREE PUBLIC DOMAIN (like gmail.com, yahoo.com, Hotmail.com, live.com etc.) for our business communication. If you have received any call and/or email that looks suspicious, immediately report it to us at vl@valueloads.com or call us at (678)-503-7708/(678)-487-5508 or Fax at (678)-666-3088. Do not haul any load without rate confirmation. Value Logistics Inc is not and will not be responsible for loads booked / moved without our consent.