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Systems & Technologies

We are a modern company with all the latest technologies required to run our type of business.

We have a good vast experience in our field so we have practically become technology on our own but besides that our company is up to date with newest technologies like access to smart warehouses, online monitoring and tracking systems and a lot more. We want to fly in the sky with the artificial wings of human intelligence. All our employees are devoted and we have a flexible system here so we welcome new “tech-ideas” given to us and we implement them if we find a room for improvement. You and rest of the world are in the 21st century while we are already leaving 22nd century behind.

We can be your great business partner and help you grow quickly.

Note! Value Logistics Inc never use Personal E-mail account for booking load. We always use our domain which is WE DO NOT USE GMAIL OR ANY OTHER FREE PUBLIC DOMAIN (like,,, etc.) for our business communication. If you have received any call and/or email that looks suspicious, immediately report it to us at or call us at (678)-503-7708/(678)-487-5508 or Fax at (678)-666-3088. Do not haul any load without rate confirmation. Value Logistics Inc is not and will not be responsible for loads booked / moved without our consent.