What are LTL, PTL and LTL? How can someone benefit from them?

There is a significant difference between a full truckload, a partial truckload and a less than truckload. A customer should be familiar with the difference of all these because it is going to benefit the customer. There are various services provided by the truckload shipment services from which the customer can benefit him/her self. Besides all the other factors like type of freight and carriers, there are shipping methods too which are needed to be kept under an eye. Let us discuss all these three methods one by one.


FTL (Full-Truck-Load)

FTL stands for a Full-Truck-Load. As the name suggests full truckload means that the whole truck will be filled by the load. In simple words, you require a full truck to get your load shipped. This generally includes more than 10 pallets. Only your load will be on the truck so that means there are no multiple stoppages. If there are fewer stops then it means the load will be transferred to you directly without being loaded- unloaded on the way.

That means that your load will be safer in an FTL rather than an LTL or PTL shipment. If your load is less in the amount to go for an FTL shipment but requires extensive care then even you should go for FTL because there will be no other customers’ loads in there and that means nobody will touch your load unnecessarily. FTL ensures quicker deliveries than others.


PTL (Partial Truck Load)

Even in this case name is pretty much-clarifying things that in this kind of load the load will be as less as half of the entire truck. A load of 8 or more pallets come under this. Now, in this scenario you need not book a full truck for this otherwise you will be paying full money for half the amount of delivery. In this scenario, you can share the truck with other customers that means, you both will share the fare of the truck for your respective halves according to all the factors that affect the rates of freight including weight and type of freight.

You need no to meet the other customer and fight over the fare. “Value Logistics” does that for you. We shall deal and fix the amount to be paid by each customer who is using the freight services.


LTL (Less than Truck Load)

As the name suggests a load which is less than a truckload, this kind of load is lesser than even a partial truckload. A load of around 6-10 pallets comes under this kind of load. In some cases, a partial truckload may be the same as less than truckload. You can use the services for the amount of load you have that is you are going to pay for your freight only. There is no 50-50% share of the fare; share depends upon your freight. It can be 40% or 37.2% or any other. LTL freight quote will differ from FTL freight quote.

There are going to be multiple stops for this case hence delivery can be a little late. Though LTL freight does its best to ensure on-time deliveries, it is not going to be as fast as an FTL.


So these were the major differences between an FTL, LTL and PTL. We ensures the best that suits your needs. In this way, you can save money and benefit the most and that is what “Value Logistics” want.

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