What effects do weather conditions have on the logistic process?

Weather is actually a great factor when it comes to transportation because on this all the timings and routes depend. Weather can do abrupt on-time deliveries of the freight because you never know when it is going to get severe and when the carriers just need to stop at a time? But thanks to modern machinery, now we at least get an idea of how the coming days’ conditions can be so we can prepare ourselves for that. Whether and climatic situations vary from place to place and so does in North America. Our continent isn’t the same everywhere. Mexico is usually heating up like a furnace while Canada let’s just say sleeps in a refrigerator. We U.S. people are sandwiched between the two and hence experiencing both kinds of weather. Now during the snow season, one needs to be extra careful as the roads can get blocked at any time and during the summer season, one needs to hurry as the road gets blocked anytime. So there are some effects that weather has on our industry and following are the things that can be expected in extreme weather conditions:

Delays in deliveries

This you need to expect even though “Value Logistics” tries its best to do to on-time deliveries but the thing is we cannot push carriers in extreme weather as it can be harmful we ensure safety first. Drivers need rest and you know these extreme weathers can actually do more mental harm than physical as one becomes more stressed. We provide every help required to the parties but it takes time depending on the type of weather and helps that are ready.


At these times all the contacts that one has made come to work and thanks to us we have good contacts all over North America so yes we call pull every situation out. Still, a little delay is expected because we all are humans here we all need some rest and we all love our lives, we do not want to put anybody’s life in jeopardy.


Floods, earthquakes and other natural factors

Our planet Earth sometimes can be harsh but we can’t really a complaint about it as it is the same planet taking the weight of our sins on it. That’s just a philosophy talk but hey! Floods can do real harm, earthquakes can do real harm. Of course, the truckers do not get that much harm as those people living in those areas but let’s just say they leave their problems at their homes and now they are getting into problems near your homes, they need some rest.


So, floods, earthquakes, avalanches. All these can cause delayed deliveries or in some harsher conditions no deliveries at all. But “Value Logistics” ensures you the best service, we can predict the weather but Mother Nature is beyond our understandings. Though we have insurance contracts and all our quality service but we try our best that you do not get to go that lane by providing you good service and moreover these conditions are near to rare as now a day you can predict natural flaws before 2-3 hours of their occurrences and that is enough time for “Value Logistics” to get everything right.


Effect of weather on the trucks

Modern machinery is made this way that it can withstand almost anything but gradually its durability becomes low and starts to fade away. Many factors can heat-up the metals and many cold it down but they can withstand it. Over the years a small scar if deepened regularly can become a wound and so in this case after sometimes machines start losing their resilience. Floods can cause extreme exposure to water and then corrosion becomes a nasty problem. Truckers need to deal with everything, over-heating of the engine in hot deserts or no heating of engine at all in snowy mountains. So it is a tough game but we still make a good deal out of it by caring for both our carriers and shippers.


“Value Logistics” ensure that every stakeholder gets the best and for that, we are available 24*7. But there is a saying “In the pursuit of perfection one can at least get excellence” so we just go on in the pursuit of perfection in the logistics industry and we hope we become excellent at least and one day perfect too. To become perfect we need both of our carriers and customers so let’s together find perfection and conquer it, shall we?

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