How Does Drayage Benefits Valueloads’ Freight Services?

If you look for the meaning of Drayage on the internet then you will come across various meaning including a horse carrying freight here and there. As a matter of fact, that is what Drayage means but don’t worry times have changed. Now, Drayage’s definition sets somewhere as:

A term referred to the transportation/shipping of freight from one port to another [covering a short distance] via a land transport medium such as trucks or any other land transportation medium.


Let us explain this through an example in simple words. You must be aware that there is a high requirement of freight transportation all over the world including across nations and intercontinental freights. What happens is that from the point where the freight has to be picked up, we load it in the shipping trucks. The trucks are chosen in accordance with the type of freight. Those trucks carry the freight to the ports from where the freight is either loaded on a ship for sea transport or aeroplanes for air transport. It also includes transportation by railways.


As we all know, ships and aeroplanes can’t directly reach doorbells. We have ports for them and that is where we get unload the freight. From those ports, again we use Drayage to cover that short distance to the delivery centres. So this is how Drayage helps us in freight transportation and shipping.


Without Drayage being there for helping us out:

  • Intercontinental and international transportation would not have been possible.
  • In some cases, even transportation within a nation would also have been a challenge.
  • Drayage is almost as important as the other modes of transportation as it is making two ends meet.

Our Drayage services are the best for our customers because of the following reasons:


  • Contact with the best carriers : We have contacts with trusted, reliable, and determined carriers who work for us whenever required. With the wide range of contacts that we have, it is obvious that we have a good reach for different and the best in time availability of the carriers.
  • Time is money: Being punctual and sincere is just another of the traits that we have here. We value time because everyone now a day has very less of that. With modern gadgets, it is very easy to keep up and deliver on scheduled time.
  • Safe delivery service: Our customer base is growing and that’s all because of the best delivery services that we provide. The shipping is done keeping in mind the type of freight as some of it may require extensive care. The packing, loading, and unloading, all are supervised under experts. We assure you of the safest delivery possible.
  • Best customer support: We make it sure that you don’t need to contact much of this service by providing the best. But to say, we are always open to any queries that you have. Any situation, any problem that you are facing will definitely have a solution, we just find that for you.

Our Drayage services are the best for our carriers because of the following reasons:

Divided work-load: We have plenty of work and plenty of carriers. We provide business to carriers and also take care of their resting hours. So, don’t worry because that is how you become more reliable for us.


On-time pavements: We all work and struggle for what? To get paved that we deserve on time so that we can look after our families. Here, you are our family and we ensure that you get what you deserve on time.


Consistent work: The work is consistent and given to you routinely. You won’t be sitting idle [at least if you don’t want to]. As said above, we have plenty of work, so join if you want convenient work. Growing customer base is our backup to provide you with these opportunities.


Friendly services: Nothing is forced on you; you choose what you want to do. If you are not fine with any dispatch then don’t do it. We will find you another one. Plus we believe in bonus for good work so there is no reason for you to not join us.


Valueloads is growing and it needs you to grow with it. Why don’t we join hands together and take care of each others’ businesses? This is how mutual growth happens benefiting both parties in a two way solution.

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